Professional, World-class Business Websites

Give your business website a makeover and make it truly world-class (without spending a ton of money)

Starting $30/mo | Monthly Payments | Includes hosting, design, maintenance, Updation No lock-in | Full Portability

Website design

World-class, Beautiful Websites for Your Business

Now, gift your business a beautifully designed, blazing-fast, SEO-friendly, feature-rich website that costs less than a cup of coffee a day

Single Window, Hassle-Free

Our website services include everything - design, content, update, hosting, maintenance, security, system updates, server updates ......

Unbelievably Affordable

Our websites cost less than a cup of coffee a day. Services start at just US$ 1.5 per day!

Feature Rich

We are happy to add awesome features from e-Commerce to dynamic pages with photo albums to blogs and more
Beautiful Professional Websites
Business Websites

Beautiful, Elegant, World-Class

Your business needs the best and our websites are industry-leading in looks, performance, SEO and scalabaility and features

No Lock-in Period

Our business terms are easy - no lock-in period, no advance deposits, no contract

Delivered in 7 Days

Get your amazing website delivered in less than a week from signing up!

Smart Websites

$30 (starting/Month)
  • Hosting up to 2 GB
  • Maintenance, Updation, Security of hosting and website
  • Fully Responsive Website Design
  • Basic Content Creation (up to 10 pages)
  • Gold Responsive Templates
  • Contact Form
  • Content Updation (Once/month)

Power websites

  • Hosting up to 10 GB
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Local Geo Hosting
  • Maintenance, Updation, Security of hosting and website
  • Fully Responsive Website Design (premium)
  • Keywords based content creation
  • 1xDynamic Category (for blogs/photo album)
  • Weekly Content Updation
  • Multiple Contact Forms

Extreme Websites

  • Hosting with Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • CDN Services
  • Maintenance, Updation, Security of hosting and website
  • Website Design (Ultra-Premium)
  • Premium Content Services
  • Keywords based content creation
  • Multiple Dynamic Categories (for blogs/photo album)
  • Daily Content Updation
  • Multiple Premium Contact Forms

FAQ on Website Services

Have a question? You'll probably find the answer here!


Will you really deliver my website in 7 days?

Absolutely! We guarantee that the first 10 beautifully designed pages will be delivered in less than a week's time. No more waiting for months. Read more

Will my website work on all devices?

Yes, it will. We are maniacal about responsive websites that we create.

Which plan is right for me?

The plan that we help you choose depends on the type of content, the size of your business, and how often the content needs to be updated. Don't worry, our expert content manager will help you choose the correct package for you. Website Plans

Can I change my plan later on?

Of course, you can change your plan at any time.

Are there any setup fees?

No. There are no set up fees.

Do I have to pay any penalty if I stop the services?

No. We believe that your business needs to have the flexibility of choosing when to continue or discontinue any services. We don't believe tying down our customers to boring contracts.

Will I have access to my website if I stop my subscription?

This service is offered as a SaaS model. Once you stop your subscription, your website will cease to exist.

How scalable are the websites created by your company?

Almost infinitely, you can add features like blogs, photo albums, e-commerce, Chatbots, carousels - in fact, pretty much anything that your business requires.

How does your service compare with Wix?

Wix helps you create beautiful websites on your own and is priced very attractively. Our services include graphic designs, images, videos, content-creation which saves you all the hassles of learning, searching for images and videos. Oh, and by the way, you will find our prices almost similar to that of Wix's but you get much more. Here's a guide on pros and cons

Great, what are the next steps?

After we help you choose the right plan for you, your relationship manager will get in touch with you to get more information about your business. We will need your company logo, photographs of your business, employees and products, existing brand guidelines, and other business information. A company presentation, if available, will be very useful.